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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ye Gong Hao Long -----Group Kugoo

Ye Gong Hao Long
Lord Ye's Love of Dragons (or A Dragon Admirer )

A county magistrate in Chu Kingdom was called Ye Gong who was a great lover of dragons.In his house there were plenty of images of dragons.The dragons were painted or carved on walls,pillars,furniture,window lattices and ceilings.In addition,all the clothes,quilts,bed nets were trimmed with dragon esigns. When the Dragon in the Heaven heard of this,he was greatly moved,deciding to visit Ye Gong.The Dragon glided down to Ye Gong’s house,poked his head into the window first,leaving his long tail out in the yard.To his great surprise,Ye Gong was so frighteded by the real Dragon that he began to flee,ashen and petrified. Oh,what Ye Gong liked was not the real dragon,but something resembling a dragon.

Meaning: One always acts as liking something but actually not.


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