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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Public Relations blogging class begins!

Many thanks again to my PR blogging team in America as we begin our 'conversation' between my current Chinese students and my six former American students.

Last nite my class of 122--broken down into 25 different groups who have named their groups--worked in class to come up with their first questions for consideration to be posted on this blog.

This morning Jessie, my TA, and I will review the questions and pick 2-3 of the best ones. Jessie will post these with the Title of each post using a few words of the question and then the team's name. The questions selected for posting by Jessie, on behalf of the class, are worth 10 bonus points to the teams whose questions are selected. We will do this activity twice each week for the three weeks of our class, ending March 23.

American bloggers, please use the Comment option to each post so we can keep the questions as the primary and your answers within the post.

Let the cross-cultural public relations blogging begin!

Tyler & Jessie


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