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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ba xian Guo Hai-- Group Noah's Ark

Ba Xian Guo Hai, Ge Xian Shen Tong

Eight immortals cross the sea; each shows a saintly passage.

It comes from Chinese folktale.Once the Eight Immortals had to cross the raging East Sea on their way to an assembly .Finding no ferryboat, upon the proposal of Lu Dongbin ,each of them used his or her own skills and power to do it :Zhongli of Han used his palm-leaf fan, Li Tieguai used his calabash containing elixir of life,Lu Dongbin used his sword ,Zhang Guolao used his paper donkey on which he sit backward, Lan Caihe used his flowr basket, Han Xiangzi used his jade flute, Royal Uncle Cao used his jade tablet,and Immortal Woman He used her lotus flower. All of them successfully reached the other side of the sea."The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Each Showing His or Her Magic Powr "has been a household story in China.

The meaning is that Different individuals can achieve the same goal through different ways. It is also quoted to indecate that when facing hardship, each person performs his or her own capabilities to solve it.


At 3:04 PM, Tim J said...

This relates nicely to crisis management.


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