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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

9.11----Mirinda Group Question

According to world healthy organization’s last report on Sep. 26, 2003, 774 died in 8098 SARS cases, the ratio is 9.6%. SARS started from Foshan Province, it spreaded to other 29 countries and area, and came into being international crazy.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said: "As you can see, the Chinese government, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization are satisfied with how the SARS control system is working. So foreign expatriates living in China, travelers and Chinese citizens will not be exposed to danger. We should be vigilant, but there is no need to panic. All the prevention measures are quite effective." Drawing on lessons from the fight against SARS, China have been establishing a more effective emergency response system . These were some examples Chinese government have had done in Public Relations.
America had also experienced the 9.11. So What changes did it bring to American's PR? And how they worked ?


At 7:12 PM, Neil said...

Thanks for the great question. In my view one of the most important things we learned from 9-11 was the need to get out infront of the issue. New York City Mayor Rudy Gullianni was seen as the face of the rescue response. During the first few hours, then weeks and months later he was a re-assuring voice for people to focus on. He was in a leadership role and did much to calm people. The United States will never be the same after the attacks, but he stressed the importance to live your life as you would normally do, not allowing the terrorists to win that battle.

How is this leadership in crisis different from Hurricane Katrina?

At 4:15 PM, Bridget said...

Another item of note in the PR response to 9/11 was the contrasting reaction of President Bush with that of Mayor Giuliani. In the immediate aftermath, while Giuliani was at Ground Zero and the definitive face of the City of New York, President Bush was not as prominent. The perception that the President was not as connected to the tragedy initially hurt his image and his approval ratings.

At 12:16 AM, WuhanStudents said...

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