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TylerTravels: Student Chat -- Marketing

Cultural Analysis
Diet and sport
一) The company of cocola have done a research with the result that generally speaking the Americans will put 3.2 pieces of ice for each glass of cocola. Therefore, we can make our product just as cocola, put pieces of ice to drink.
二) Many American people are trying to keep down their weight and so they “caloric” conscious.This is evident in menus offering “low caloric” or “weight watchers” meals.In markets one can find“No Cal”drinks(meaning without calories)such as ginger ale or cola.“Diet”foods without sugar or salt are also available in food stores.Our healthy drinks has a advantage that is keep the fit to attack them!
三) Waiters in American restaurants tend to assume that everyone drinks coffee,If a waiter suddenly asks“Now or later?”what he means is “Do you want coffee with your meal or later?”we can ask the waiter to ask the customs weather they would like to have some healthy drinks instead of coffee.
四) In the United States,good transportation and advanced methods of preserving perishables make it possible for the people to select from a wide variety of foods throughout the year.This has both advantages and disadvantages.Though fresh fruits and vegetables are always available many foods are over processed is and have lost much of their basic nutritive value.Our drinks with nature nutritive will remedy the defect.
五) The United States was populated by succeeding waves of immigrants and the American diet reflects the native foods of these new settlers In the Eastern United States,England’s influence is primary,although the arrival of the Dutch,Irish,Italian, French ,Greek and Chinese people has left its imprint.In the south,the Blacks modified the traditional fare.In the Southwest,spicy Mexican food is popular.German and Scandinavian cooking has influenced the Midwestern diet.New settlers also learned new foods from the Indians .Everywhere in the United States,what is called“Chinese food”,mostly Cantonese style ,is enjoyed regularly by the majority of the people.Therefore, our drinks can put in the place with a lot of Chinese first. And they will bring the change attitude of the person comes from other country.
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By Star

Health care in America

Health Care Costs Are Skyrocketing
Health care cost increases are easily outpacing wages. These rising costs make it difficult for small businesses to provide basic coverage, and corporations are shifting the growing burden directly to their employees, leaving many Americans without affordable coverage. By 2006, the cost of a family premium is expected to reach $14,500 a year.
45 Million Americans Have No Health Care
Every minute, nearly 5 people lose their health insurance in the U.S.
More than 74 million people went without coverage for part of the last two years. This equates to every man, woman and child in California, Texas, and New York.
74 percent of those without insurance come from working families.
8.5 million Children in America have no health care.
Native Americans believe that the health of an individual is inextricably linked to the people and objects surrounding that person, their healing practices promote harmony among everyone in a community--and with the physical environment and the spiritual world as well.
Although there are variations in the specific healing methods of the different Native American nations (also called "tribes"), four practices are common to most. Native Americans have utilized and benefited from them for at least 10,000 years and possibly much longer. These practices include: The use of herbal remedies .The employment of ritual purification or purging .The observance of other symbolic rituals and ceremonies.

OUTCOME: The cost of health care is always increasing, and more Americans have no health care, so that they need cheap and usefully hygienically products to keep fit in their usual life. Our product of a healthy drink is pure and has herbal ingredients. According to different age’s people, we will have produce diverse tasty drink for them. Therefore, our products will have a big market in USA.
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By yoland
Our target market:
From our research, the place where most Chinese (45% data2004from lived in USA is California .Since our product is made by Chinese traditional medicine, we plan to promote our product to California first .Then we tend to spear the opinion that green plant is healthy to other people .The data also finger out that It is easier for Chinese to get a GREEN CARD in California .We believe more and more Chinese will choose California to live.
So we choose California as our target market.

After we fix on our target market---California, We begin to do research on families in California to make sure the suited packaging of our product.
The information on Internet show us that most families in California are nuclear families .Usually, there are 2---4 members in one family. It contains a couple and their child/children .People in California are not likely to lived with their parents since they are adult.
So we …………

The recourses are come from

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