Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Question from Wuan 3

When you wake up in the morning, you have two types of hair combs to choose from. One is plastic and one is wood. Tell us which one you would pick and explain what your thinking is. And if you pick neither, tell us what kind of comb do you use and would you like to try wood one, and why?

We choose comb as our product.

REASONS for us to choose comb as our product:
comb is a very traditional goods in China. And we know Americans are interested in traditional Chinese culture. We are working on putting more elements of Chinese traditional culture into our product.
In China, we call comb "shu" which means beautiful stuff, so if you use comb more often you will be more beautiful, people like stuffs of this kind.

FUNCTION of our comb:
Massage.Utilizing natural vibration of the comb can promote the blood circulation of your brain, makes your hair fully absorb the nutrition, thus grow quicker and better.
The back side of the comb can massage such position as shank, face, etc. make those muscles relaxed, and relax the nerve, promote the blood supply in your brain.

GEOGRAPHY of Yunnan province

Yunnan province is the original roducing area of the wood that used as the material of our product.
Yunnan is a province with a lot of mountains, but due to the distributing of basin, river, hill, low mountain, middle size mountain, high mountain and plateau, each physiognomy differ from others a lot, and the types are complex.Due to the topography, the area of the whole province is :84% of mountain, 10% of plateau and hill, 6% of basin and river only. The mountain area of Yunnan is above 70% of its total area.
Yunnan is an plateau-mountain province which is belongs to the southern extended part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the topography of it is up and down hugely, the average altitude of its eastern part is about 2000 meters. And the southern part is 1500 to 2200 meters with northern part 3000 to 4000 meters.
The nature condition of Yunnan is excellent, and the climate is unique. A lot of areas of Yunnan have the similar climate condition just like the original producing area of sandal, for example India and Australia. But the soil condition of Yunnan is much better than these areas for it is really suitable to develop the biology community focus on good sandal species. And Yunnan can take the advantage of it to keep huge areas of tropic zone and sub-tropic zone, to attain better economic and zoology benefit.


At 7:18 PM, Roger & Cindy said...

Great description and background information, very interesting! :)

I tried to post a comment to the question about which comb I would choose and was not able to so I will post it here. I hope that is okay!

I would choose the wood comb. Although plastic could be more thoroughly cleaned, wood appears higher quality to me and more substantial.

At 11:26 AM, Martin said...

I would choose the plastic comb.

It is a product that I am familiar with and have used many times in the past. It has always peformed to my expectations and it is very inexpensive. To get me to try a wooden comb, I would have to learn more about it and my skeptisism about the benefits would have to be overcome.


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