Friday, December 23, 2005

Question from Wuan 3 [4]

When dealing with the COE issues that occured on our combs, we come up with some ideas to show the advantage of COE in our case.We belief that Chinese wood comb is the best comb in the world,and we want to persuade Americans to belief it too! excellent advertisement:
an ancient Chinese beauty is combing her hair with our comb, which makes her looked far more pretty.

2.print our brand on somethings like all kinds of cards that Americans use in common life, in order to give Americans visual strikes on our brand. a lot of advertisement everywhere:stations, bodies of buses, street, and all kinds of media, which all express one message that Chinese wood comb is the best comb in the world, and our comb is the best of all!

4.hand out nice cards with Chinese traditional pictures and characters for free when you buy our combs.(because we belief many Americans are interested in Chinese traditional culture, so visual things may attract Americans attention )

Please give us some advices on these methods that we think out, thank you!


At 10:01 AM, Martin said...

The techniques you describe seem to me to be "mass market" techniques. A different approach to consider may be to promote the product in places where other luxury goods appear, like "lifestyle" magazines, and select sales channels appropriate to high-end goods, like boutiques and jewelers.

In my opinion, it is difficult to position a utilitarian product as a luxury product using mass-media techniques.



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