Friday, December 23, 2005

Question from Wuan 3 [2]

What kind of price level of comb can you bear?
If the quality of a comb is good and the package is excellent, but the price is a little high, will you still prefer to purchase it?


At 9:47 AM, Martin said...

Here, combs are generally thought of as a utilitarian item, particularly among men. As a utilitarian item, it would be difficult to sell a comb at a high price level. Your challenge will be to position your comb as a luxury item where users feel that they receive benefits from it beyond just combing one's hair (either real or perceived). Packaging can certainly alter a consumers' perception of a product and either add to or subtract from the experience of using it.

It is certainly possible to accomplish this. Starbucks in the US sells coffee at prices that are several times what people previously paid for a cup of coffee - they have created a luxury experience around a simple cup of coffee (the coffee is good too).



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