Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Question (4) from wuhan 2 ------- Silk scarf

In American people join colorful activities, such as balls, parties, clubs and gyms.
Please, telling us the American social life and
what kinds of clothes they will wear in such occasions,
what kinds of accessories they would like to wear except the jewelries.
Plus, according to their daily life comprising the daily working life, do they have the habits on wearing scarves, especially for women.



At 2:11 PM, Wendi said...

Actually, I have a scarf on at this moment, but it is a knitted wool scarf. Much depends upon the geography. Many fashion magazines show silk-style scarves beng worn in California, Florida and Arizona, where the weather is warm all year and a scarf can be worn to keep the hair in place while driving a convertible car.
In the Northwest and Northeast, we usually wear warmer materials such as cotton and wool blends.
Geographical location plays an important part in deciding where to market a silk scarf.
For daily work wear, many women wear dress suits or nice pants and a blouse - often times, a silk blouse! I have several that I wear. For active wear, many women and men wear jeans and a t-shirt and an overcoat of some kind in the Northwest due to the cold and rain in winter. In summer, most clothing is made of cotton and consists of shorts or skirt and a t-shirt for casual wear.


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