Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Question (2) from wuhan 2 ------- Silk scarf

If you buy silk scarves,
what are the important factors you would consider?
Price, colors, brands, patterns, or something else.
And what kinds of color or patterns you like?


At 2:01 PM, Wendi said...

Good question, and an important part of marketing and product research.

Fashion articles are "tricky" - difficult to decide on what and when to produce. Fashion changes with every season. In some seasons, scarves are very popular and you would have a better chance at selling many different types and styles of scarves. Keeping up with the fashion magazines, or better yet, the fashion shows, in the spring to see what colors and fabrics will be sold in the fall is the first place to start. Will scarves in any fabric be promoted for next season? To whom are scarves being sold? The older demographic or younger 18 - 25 year olds? If so, are wild, splashy colors going to be popular? Or will softer, more subtle colors do? this is what your market research will tell you. As fashion is seasonal and moves very quickly, you will have to be constantly designing new and more interesting designs with different types of silk.

As far as silk is concerned: it is a luxury fabric in the United States, but prices have become more competitive and silk is less expensive. I believe that BRANDING is more important in the fashion industry than either the fabric or the design. Some very unattractive products are sold because they bear the brand of one of the top fashion houses. Creating brand recognition requires that you create a unique impression: logo, quality, visibility. Visibility can be attained through public relations and by promoting your products in unusual ways: Create a stunning silk scarf, get a movie star to wrap it around her waist, hair or shoulders and wear it to the Oscars (or other movie award show where there are a lot of televisions) and Voila!, instant brand recognition! Of course, quality and customer service must be superior for your company to achieve longevity.
I hope these thoughts are helpful!


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