Friday, December 30, 2005

Final Post - Meet my Chinese students!

We've completed our 3 week class together and Wuhan 1, Wuhan 2 and Wuhan 3 groups presented their International Marketing project for a Chinese product they wish to market in America.


Many thanks to my friends and former students who participated in this grand blogging adventure. Since my students were able to see your faces, via my PowerPoint, I thought you should see theirs! Here they are, by their English names each person chose for him/herself.

Pictured: Back row, left to right: Gary, Kent, Stella, Yuki, Apple, Petrie; 2nd row: Fiona, Michelle, Melody, Sunny, Kelly, Star; Foreground: Salina and Joyce. Not pictured: Yolanda, who is in her final preparation to fly to America Jan 2 to attend Michigan Tech University.

March 6 - 24, 2006 I'll return to Wuhan to teach Public Relations...and I already have four former American PR students who are willing to participate in this PR blog. Stay tuned!


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