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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


On the bus ride to church, Marilyn told me she was working with one of my former International Marketing students from December, Apple. I remember Apple! She was diligent, industrious student who was never afraid to ask questions and put forth challenges on what she learned. In fact, after our last class she asked me for my personal email in hopes that I might be a reference for her when she applied to study in America. Of course!

Since the International Marketing class, Marilyn has worked with Apple and several others on their essays as part of the application process for studying in America. Marilyn thought I would like to know that in Apple's essay she talked about me. In her essay she explains how much my class had impacted what she wanted to do, why she has decided that she wants to go into marketing.

Wow. I was floored. How incredible!

I had hoped that somehow my husband's and my investment of my time here would make a difference. So, Skip, good news. It's payday! We have together made a difference by positively affecting the future of China through one of its students.


At 7:42 AM, Skip said...

" Not all Paydays are in Greenbacks" Rooster Cogburn 1880. Skip

At 12:35 PM, maryjedgar said...

How exciting and awesome to have such validation. It is a very pale line that works to influence a person's entire life. Just one comment and you change perspective. Personally, I am thinking of Miss Sherman and her excitement about Shakespeare, or my son's exposure to Drama and his subsequent love of film-making. Exciting! Can't wait for June.


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