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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My next, new teaching adventure

On March 6 I'll begin teaching Public Relations at Wuhan University of Technology. As before, in December when I taught International Marketing there, this return engagement will offer a few teaching "firsts" for me.

For starters, this will be my largest class ever: 133! (My biggest class up till now was 26.) They will all be Sophomores (another first) and will represent five majors, from IT to business (another first). This should prove a big challenge on many levels!

I've taught Public Relations since 1996 and have practiced the discipline for over 25 years, so the subject isn't new. What is new is teaching it from an international perspective. These past few months I've been collecting, thanks to some initial info from PRSA, how China's growing market-based economy has fueled explosive growth on the development and practice of PR. It's overwhelming to chart out in a timeline the last 20 years in China vs. the first 200 years in America. It's so awesome to be a witness, and in a very small aspect, a participant in PR's development in China.

There's one more first! The university has graciously promised me a Teaching Assistant (TA) since I have such a big class. I am eagerly anticipating meeting and working with him or her. If this person is half as wonderful as Shaw, the TA for my friend Bob of "Bob and Lorraine" my friends and neighbors in the foreign teaching building, then I will have a tremendous experience!

To watch the dialog between my former American students and groups of my Chinese PR students bookmark this link.

Stay next post here will be after I meet my class of 133 on March 6!


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