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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome to TylerTravels Home Page

Thanks for stopping by TylerTravels! This is the home page to four sub-blogs. China Travel is where I posted my travel journal; on China Teaching I shared insights and learnings from my experiences teaching in Wuhan, China Dec. 05 and March 06. Feel free to add any Comments on either of these two sites. This page serves only as a Home Page/linking site and doesn't permit Comments.

I taught a Public Relations class to 122 in March 6-24, 2006 and the "conversations" between my Chinese students and former American students are archived here. The archives for my International Marketing class, Dec 12-30, 2005, are here as well. Additionally, if you have interest in learning how I created this International Marketing class and used the blog as a core to student learnings, visit HigherEdBlogCon 2006; in April 06 they posted a presentation I proposed and they subsequently accepted.

A note of thanks to Dr. Barb Gayle for allowing me to represent Saint Martin's University as an adjunct professor on loan to Wuhan University of Tim at InSite Dynamics for making this blog all my friends who have supported me in countless ways as I've prepared for this trip...and most of all to my husband, Jim, for his stalwart support and unflagging encouragement.

This has been an phenomenal adventure that has forever changed the way I view China and its incredibly gracious people. I hope to return to see my friends in Wuhan and Shanghai. And, I trust I will have another opportunity to serve as both teacher and student to my Chinese students.