Saturday, October 29, 2005

Calling all my former students...

Here's a great opportunity to share and learn with other China! And you don't have to leave home or spend any money to do this!

I'm looking for 5 former students who have taken my marketing classes--either grad or undergrad--and 5 fomer public relations students who are interested in participating in this experience. So what am I asking you to do?

I'll be teaching International Marketing Dec 12 - 30 and Public Relations in March 2006 in Wuhan, China. One of my goals is to connect American and Chinese students so they can share cross-culturally. I will ask a question by posting it to the Student Chat - Marketing, for example, and would like my American students to have their responses posted prior to the first day of class, Dec 12. I'll integrate that question into that week's lessons in China and ask my Chinese students to respond to the same question on the blog.

My hoped outcome is that we'll learn from each other culturally, personally and of course, gain more insights into the subject we're studying in China and have studied in America.

If you're a former marketing or public relations student of mine and are interested, willing and will commit to one hour per week for three weeks to do this...send me an email via this blog.

It's a great adventure...thanks for considering!


At 8:26 AM, Roger & Cindy said...

Have a great trip ... we look forward to hearing all about your adventures and new friends!

-Cindy & Roger


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